The First Frontier

A hike through the great divide

Luke looked over at Sybaris. “So you’re sure about this? I mean, we’ll just… walk there?”

“Well you’ll have to walk, it’s natural for me to fly” commented Sybaris

Luke slung his massive shield over his back. This is going to be a long walk he thought to himself.

As they peered over the great cliff wall Luke’s sense of vertigo kicked in. “Okay Lilly get to work on the…” his words were interrupted as a giant landslide… no mudslide rolled in a diagonal streak down the cliff face. As the ground shook Luke stumbled a little to close to the edge, a rock slipped out from under his foot and he teetered over the edge.

A blue beam, streaming like fireworks from an eye stalk kept him from going completely over. Slowly he backed up onto solid ground as the Beholder strained to keep him from falling to his doom.

About half an hour later they’d made good time down the cliff face, mud sliding their way down large swaths and kept in the shade all the while. “It’s going way to smoothly” Michael commented. It was then that the flying beasts appeared. Luke looked at the edge again and backed up, trying to reach safety, he feverishly waved Orgutz forward who diligently obeyed, leaping forward off the cliff… and directly into the mouth of one of the approaching behemoths.

Sybaris freed him shortly thereafter and he plummeted… and plummeted… and plummeted until


“Boy that is one deep canyon” Asher commented. “I think I’ll fly down instead of jumping though”.

Soon they reached the bottom, and after healing up Orgutz, briefly renamed Face Planta, they continued on their way.

“Uh boss… I think I found tracks”. Luke knew Orgutz was smarter than most Orcs, but he was sure this was yet another one of his stupid moments.

That’s when Luke froze. The track Orgutz was pointing at wasn’t ahead of him, it was around him, and Luke. Judging by the size of it must be one heavy beast. Following the trail they came to a group of dragon/dinos grazing peacefully by the shore.

“They look non-threatening” Martine said encouragingly.

“Oh, in that case I’ve got this” Luke commented.

After a brief altercation involving the particle accelerator and a dinosaur that was less pliable, or very very pliable depending on how you looked at it… they were off again. This time on howdahs and riding in comfort.



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