The First Frontier

A letter Home (Jin Adventure Log # 1)

Dear Wren,

I hope this letter finds you well. I realized it has been some time since I last wrote, and much has happened. I know you will be anxious to hear all about it, so I will tell you a little now and more when I write next.

First of all I should tell you that we made it through the ring gate without incident. It’s been just about the only quiet bit of travel (if you can call it such) that I’ve experienced these last few months. A pop, a bang, and it was done. Thousands of miles in one moment! If I wasn’t so terrified of coming out with my arse where my head ought to be I’d have been more awestruck, but it was incredible.

In any case our first weeks in Westedge have been filled with activity. We’ve killed nigh on thirty gnolls, helped a local apothecary gather ingredients, and saved the town from an orc army that was sure to threaten it. We even set free an entire village of kobolds that the orcs were keeping as slaves! Unfortunately during our campaign against the orcs dear Ayelen was killed. His death shocked us all as it was brutally swift and violent. He was much loved, and will be missed. Needless to say we slaughtered the creatures that did him in and sent his body back to his family where it belongs. I suppose death must be a part of an adventurer’s life, but I still cannot help thinking that but for a bit of luck it could easily be MY dead body being sent back to our tribe …. It’s a sobering thought.

During the last battle with the orcs, while attacking their stronghold, I was able to bring down the orc leader. He had a mighty greatsword which I took as my just reward for slaying him. What a sword it is, Wren! If only you could see the intricate runes of power that cover it, or feel the pulsating hum of it’s magicks as I swing it at my foe. It is powerful indeed.

After we freed them the Kobolds offered us the ‘gift’ of an ‘abandoned’ temple to use as a base. Of course the temple wasn’t really abandoned, and it wasn’t really a gift at all as they wanted us to clear it out of undead for them. We’ve just begun that task and already we were almost all killed by horrible slimes and invisible mushroom creatures. It’s not pleasant, but I have faith that eventually we will triumph and carry off much ancient treasure from this place.

Incidentally, I’ve traveled with this company long enough that I think it may be time I told the secret that only you and I know. The one about who I am, what I can do. They’re bound to notice it soon enough. I’ve begun to get better at changing, Wren — I can turn my fingers to claws or make my jaw longer and my teeth larger. I’ve even managed to vastly increase my muscle size! It’s a marvelous feeling, being stronger and tougher just because you will it to be so. I am proud of what I am becoming, even if I don’t quite understand it myself. The problem is that it’s starting to become so damn obvious.

I shall pick a good time to show them what I really am, and we shall see if they’re the true friends I hope they are. I think they’ll stand by me, even when they find out that I’m not like them.

How are things at home? How’s your father? How’s the tribe? There are ugly rumors that the costs of grain and livestock are going up and tensions are rising between the old world nations. Are they true? Out here we hear everything second and third hand. Please write me back and let me know how things are going.

Much love,


P.S. If you saw me now you wouldn’t recognize me at all. I’ve CHANGED! I can’t wait to show you.



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