The First Frontier

A Quick Jot (Jin Adventure Log # 2)

I wonder what everyone would think of me if they knew I kept a diary? No matter, they’ll never find out.

The others finally found out about what I really am today. They seemed to take it in good humor for the most part, although they were understandably shocked. I made it clear to them that I had only deceived them because people tended to react badly to knowing that I was a changeling. Just as I was searching for a way to let them know I meant no harm, Asher pointed out that if I meant ill I could’ve killed them all any time I was alone on watch — so I must not mean them ill! I was glad for his wisdom. I explained that I had always identified myself as human despite what I really am. The matter was dropped after that, much to my relief.

This brings to mind a growing problem — the fact tha it will become increasingly hard to hide my true nature from others as my control over my shapeshifting abilities increases. The changes will become more physically pronounced and thus more obvious. Maybe I should by a hooded cloak to shade my features like those dark wandering travelers use. Wouldn’t such a thing make me MORE suspicious, not less? What I need is a good excuse … hmmmm. I know! I’ll say that I’m sick, and that the sickness is some sort of rare magical ailment that is slowly transforming me in strange and arcane ways….

Anyhow, aside from that we’ve made some serious progress investigating this castle! We fought some sort of evil undead creatures when we went back in that cast some sort of horrible poisonous gas at us but with my sword, Luke’s mental powers, and Face Smasha’s spells (not to mention some timely arrows from Pip and Sibarys) we took them down easily enough. We also came upon an old kitchen which had, among other things,a door with rags stuffed all around it such that it was totally blocked off. In my infinite wisdom I suggested we remove one of the rags (you know, I just haaaaaaad to know what was being blocked off) and what should pop out but a swarm of fire beetles! They were horrible. We killed one swarm, then another came, and another! We quickly stoppered up the door and slaughtered the bugs with torches I passed out. A search of the room yielded an amazingly valuable pot of infinite food! The thing literally just keeps popping out tasty stew, every time you stir it! It’s got to be the best magical item ever! Sibarys said it was worth at least 12000 gold though, so we may very well choose to sell it. Asher immediately coveted it but can any one of us really lay claim to such a treasure?

Lastly we came upon a strange library with a talking wardrobe against the back wall! It was some sort of dubious trick! I seem to recall hearing of such things referred to as Mimics. In any case, this thing wasn’t a real wardrobe and as soon as Face Smasha got close, it attacked, grabbed, and almost killed him in a few seconds. I moved into position and slashed it and then the others quickly overwhelmed it with ease, but whew — things almost got bad there! We should be more careful as we explore further. Incidentally, I fully support the continued presence of Face Smasha in the front ranks. It seems to be where he’s best suited and if anything should go wrong Luke has told me he could have another orc here in a matter of days. Better him than me, says I! He’s the perfect point man!

That’s all for now!



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