The First Frontier

Advanced Adventurer Alzheimers

Luke turned the giant spit and let loose a sigh of relief. Feeding fifty people was becoming quite a chore, but the Halflings at least carried spices, and the Orcs were now camped downwind so things were at least bearable.

In the distance Luke watched Beatrice sliding across the muddy, what used to be, lake bed. It was good to watch her have fun. It helped take some of the edge off. Nightmares of yesterday had kept him awake, and his mind couldn’t quite focus. The terror of having his own mind under the control of someone else still haunted him, that mixed with a vile smell of that nauseous gas he’d sucked in way too much of.

Thankfully Martine’s well timed bolt to the gut of the Sorcerous and Face Smasha’s amazingly resilient mind had come to the rescue, but it was a close one. Luke pondered the next move. Having surprised the Sorcerous with a trio of Barbed Devils over breakfast, Luke was sure of two things. First that she wouldn’t get caught like that again, and second that she’d come back with a lot more help next time. Neither thought made him happy, but now that she was aware of the difficulty of the task at hand perhaps they could sue for peace.

Sybaris came over and joined Luke at the spit. Eying a choice piece he asked “How did you know they were going to attack us?”. “What do you mean?” Luke replied. “Well” Sybaris continued "you said, “There’s danger!”. Luke chuckled and said “No, I meant Where’s the ranger? I thought you spotted them for food?”. “For food? I thought they were going to eat us alive. That’s why I said kill them all!”. “Ohhhh, I understand now” Luke said, realization slowly dawning “I thought you said grill them all!”. Sybaris cut free a nicely fried piece of the unidentifiable creature and shook his head “So you don’t know what this is either?”. Luke shook his head “Never really got a clear look at it through all the smoke and fire, but here, try it with some Ostrich Acid sauce, it goes really well, and the Medusa snake really adds some kick to it, but I’d still eat it with your eyes closed just to be safe.”


“Oh yeah, I stabbed something otherworldly, didn’t I?”

It took a bit of deliberation, a moment of absentmindedness while peeling off a cut of Aberration. In that moment of realization, Sybaris popped the chunk of meat into her mouth after applying a cleric-powered microwave to the flesh.

“Wait Sybaris, I don’t think you should…”

Too late, as Sybaris’ flesh sagged, the smell of decay coming off in pungent waves.

“Oh, this is rather tasty Martine. Here, try some!”

Martine protested, but to her dismay Sybaris simply forced a chunk down the fairy’s throat. As the fairy transformed into something clearly deceased, Sybaris poked the newly undead fairy.

“Hey, that doesn’t look too healthy.”

“Well yeah, now we’re both undead. Real brilliant.”

“Hey Luke, want to try some Otherworldly Terror?”

Advanced Adventurer Alzheimers

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