The First Frontier

Naked Blind Disco Barbarian Flees Oozes. Film at 11.

Dear Adella,
What a strange couple of days we’ve had. We reached the temple the kobolds told us of. We hired several of them to care for the horses while we investigated the temple. One of the first things we found was a room with a large pool in it. It looked disgusting. We were able to determine that there were oozes in the water. But they did not appear to notice us, so we left them alone and continued on.

Well the next room had some sort of invisible fungal creatures in it. We spent several minutes locating and dispatching the little terrors. Lukeused an ability that allowed him to see these creatures, so we decided to go back and deal with the oozes. Jin removed most of his clothing and gear, and used a club, to avoid permanent damage to his gear. I attached a torch to a ten foot pole and was using it to burn the oozes. Well the oozes did not like this plan. And they had more power than we thought. Jin was affected with Glitterdust and Colorspray from the oozes. Luke destroyed two of them easily, but two others were immune to fire. We started hacking those to bits when a swarm of oozlings attacked. It was very disgusting. Luke has been working on culturing one of the orc clerics. The poor sod was enveloped with the greasy remains from the oozlings. It made him greasier than normal.

The cleric is an interesting being. I’m the only one who speaks Orcish, so I have spoken to him at length. Not that it mattes much. He is about as bright as a granite wall.

Anyway, when the oozling swarm was destroyed, all that was left were two oozes that were immune to fire. I decided that I had enough of this, so I drew Galavrata and leaped to attack. I knew I would land in the water, but was not overly concerned about it. With one stroke, I finished off both oozes, just as I rocked splashed into the water. Which was actually a mild acid. I immediately pushed off the bottom and jumped out. I was immediately drenched with water from a create water spell. So no lasting harm was done. But I am still remembering
everyone’s face as I leapt into the pool, swinging my sword.

As we continued on, we found a blade trap, using the old ways. We disarmed the traps the same way, with a portable ram. There was a certain amount of satisfaction in working with my hands that way. Brutish, but fun.
I will write more as we continue our explorations.


I like your letter style Robert. It’s a good summary of what really happened. Amazing how much I forget in just a couple days. Clearly a sign we need to game more often :-)


This is an awesome title. :)


Heh. Oozelings. Totally their new official name. Also a fan of the title – “The Blind Disco Barbarian” was Kira’s bedtime story Monday night; she’s come up with a dance to go with it and everything.

Also also, it’s obvious what happened to Pip – he’s gone back to deliver all this mail.


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