The First Frontier

Commission Report, the year of our Lord 548

To my almighty and most benevolent King,

I fear your desire to seek a more favorable habitat will be a trying one in these lands. The warring between factions of Gnolls, Orcs, and Kobolds has reached new levels of depravity. Apparently the Orcs have taken slavery to a new level by employing magical enchantment against the Kobolds.

What disturbs me is not that the Orcs would resort to these methods, or that they represent any more of a threat than the Orc’s general wanton destruction. What disturbs me is that it is beyond their methods of manufacture.

Oh, certainly the occasional Orc wizard exists, but to see it on the scale that we have seen is unlikely in the extreme. Instead I fear someone far more cunning is behind this most recent endeavor. An actual intelligence guiding these brutes will likely spell even more trouble for developing in this forsaken land.

We continue in our efforts to cull the primitive beasts, and may secure some long term stability with the Kobolds, if only to use them as a buffer against the worst from that quarter. We have suffered our first loss today, and we solemnly bury one of your most devoted servants. Giant predators are an equal threat to man and man beast alike and Aylen fell protecting us from their horrific claws.

I have not heard word from my family, I trust I have performed my duties to your satisfaction and that they remain safe from harm.

Your dutiful servant,




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