The First Frontier

Commission Report, the year of our Lord 548, Entry 2

To My Most Magnanimous and Powerful King,

Time has revealed to us that this area is ripe with magic. The Kobolds, for their small size, are proficient armorers and surprisingly willing to fight for their freedom considering their diminutive size.

I would be suspicious of their motives had they not made an effort to trick us into doing free work liberating the area of not only Orcs, but other monstrosities as well. Thankfully they understand the value of barter and we have come to an agreement for exchange of services. We will also be able to secure a foot hold here.

A defensible position and trading outpost from which trade can benefit our home. The Kobolds are not to be crossed though. They seem happy to work at odds against anyone that would enslave them. In fact we watched their hatchlings, barely old enough for the mines, as they tore down buildings with the Orcs still in them.

If not for their talents as smiths and craftsmen then their mischievous cunning might bring about the need for their destruction.

Many thanks for your anticipation of our needs for additional help managing the Orc problem. His talents with the bow are remarkable. I surely saw one of them run fully through by an arrow. Indeed leaving a whole clear out the other side.

Thank you for the letter from my daughter Persephone. Let her know that I am well and enjoying the sun and beach here exploring the great new frontier. Tell her I will write to her soon and that the life here is easy. I must go as my good friend is collecting several ears for the stew. And I do love the corn here.

Your devoted servant,




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