The First Frontier

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here...

Sniffles, which sounded suspiciously like belching erupted from the rather large contingent of Orcs gathered around. They were in a mostly finished stadium which Face had been working on with Asher. Like much of the little city they had built up (and Face’s well… Face) it was a work in progress, rough hewn with ugly bulges and unsightly sags and mismatched angles, but it was solid, heavy, and unmistakably the worst eye sore this side of the great divide.

Orgutz carried the body of his fallen friend one last time, then put him back onto the giant pyre. He nodded to Luke who lit the lifeless body aflame and spoke “We will remember Smasha forever for his brave perseverence, and his endless quest to crush his opponents beneath his booted Orc heel”. At this the Orcs let loose with a roar, and as the embers rose from the giant pyre the Orcs rushed forward hoisting the flaming pyre into the air.

It was a great honor, a sign of the tribes devotion and respect as they carried his flaming body through the city streets until they themselves were almost immolated by the intense heat of the magical flame.

The ceremony ended with a great revelry, which looked like a bar fight that skipped all the drinking.

Luke turned to Orgutz and said “That was a nice way to see him off. He would’ve been happy to know you were here with him to see him off into the blaze”. Orgutz nodded and added “Yeah, and the stench was never going to leave if we didn’t burn everything”

Luke nodded and stared off into the distance, embers danced in the night, and out of the darkness walked a man clad from head to toe in glinting scales, like a red lizard or a snake moving across the waters, his eyes shown with a bright intelligence as he walked up to Luke. “I see now why I am here” were his only words before he came to a stop beside him. “My predecessor, I presume?” he asked Luke. “Yes, devoted and powerful, but in the wrong place at the wrong time”.

A caw erupted from overhead as Asher Turindyl descended from the clouds. Luke watched him come to rest, and as his form effortless shifted to human the words already tumbled from his mouth Sybaris is on the horizon and coming in to shore at top speed. That’s not all, it looks like he’s got company behind him… and not of the friendly or boat kind"



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