The First Frontier

Diplomacy, Angel Style

Luke was tired, his head hurt, and blood was coming out of his nose. Asher looked ready for another round, but he caved in eventually and agreed to the jaunt to the Elements before tackling this rather delicate task in front of them. As the power completed Luke felt the last of his energy flow from his veins, then he realized, it hadn’t worked.

Two Angels stood in front of them. They weren’t angry. Luke knew this wasn’t going to end well, but he was just too tired. He vaguely heard Michael the Giant talking with them, but soon all he could remember was lying down on the ground before Martine awoke him flying overhead nervously.

Sitting up suddenly Luke realized what they’d agreed to, he supposed they were going down this path anyway, but the additional pressure of feeling like they were between a rock and a … well a Terrasque kept coming to mind for some reason. It wasn’t a good feeling. He looked over at what Face and Orgutz were eating for breakfast and decided maybe dying without a good meal first wasn’t such a bad thing.

With a snap the Angels brought them back to reality, but this time they were ready. Asher Turindyl had lined from one wall to another with flapping vicious birds of the oversized variety, Michael the Giant was, well, giant sized, and his weapon dripped energy (and acid), leaving little sizzling marks on the floor. This was it he figured, pumping up he pulled together a crude, but large construct to battle the god beast.

Instantly Luke realized he’d made a mistake, peering way up in the air at the floating God he realized his construct would never make it up there. The God started to form as wave upon wave of avian terror descended upon it. It seemed impervious to their attacks, but they flew into it relentlessly. Michael hoisted Orgutz through the air, it was a beautiful thing to watch… the teamwork… the feral yell as Render connected with the God, tearing at its vital escense… the slow realization that gravity was not Orgutz’s friend… and his rapid descent, face first, into the ground.

Luke electrified the air, trying to buy time, but he wasn’t sure what to do. Sybaris maneuvered right through the wall, once again turning the airborne assault deadly until all of a sudden the God seemed to wake up. Poisonous vapors dropped the flying beasts dead on the ground, but Michael, now dangling from a rope persevered in his assault.

Sybaris poked his head out briefly from the ceiling and mimed something about Good. Luke switch on the battery and grounded himself firmly, drawing directly from the plane of Positive energy. He untapped the cork, letting waay too much through, his hair stood on end, crackling and starting to burn. His cloak billowed out and a pure white bolt leashed out. On the other side a dying bird was blasted against the wall, leaving a faint, crisp outline on the wall.

Face fired ray after ray at the beast, but, unable to penetrate its defenses gave up on his attack. Orgutz fell back and was healed by the small army of Unicorns shielding the group.

Finally the continuing onslaught of every expanding summoned animals wore down the God, now split in two. The evil half fell dead, and the good half, while not exactly greatful at the methods of its release, left without obliterating the rest of them.

Leaning against the wall, head pounding, blood once again dripping from his nose, and with a faint smell of burnt hair wafting in the air, Luke weakly asked “Anyone mind if we rest?”



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