The First Frontier

Don't touch me!

Michael shuddered as another of the flying evil horrors touched him. A step forward, and a mental twinge adjusted his point of view. Not as large as he would have wanted, but it would do. With a swing of Galavrata, the first of the creatures shuddered in return, as acid and electricity competed for the creature’s body. Suffering through another bout of feelies from the flying evil squids, Michael concerned himself with the fact that he had blown his two most powerful effects. But with that mental thought, Galavrata informed him that he still had energy missile within the sword. Motion at his side, showed Luke, who was clear on the other side of the enemy just a second ago. With a nod of his head, Michael cleaved the beast in two. His perfect swing was halted by the armor of the being in from of him. Not that the armor really mattered. Another adjustment to Galvrata and Michael swung again, needing only to touch the armor for the effect of his weapon to affect the creature.

Michael’s ears were ringing. As useful as that hammer was, it got on his nerves sometimes.
The gonging of the hammer on his armor abated when he pointed out the bug approaching them. The big bug. Michael started preparing himself for battle. He decided that since this thing was nice and large, setting Galavrata to drain the creature’s life force would be appropriate. He was about to enlarge himself when Sybaris commented that it was about to get very windy, and we should stay low. A column of air started to twist between them and the bug. Michael was aware that Martine was infront of the thing by the blasts of magic that appeared out of nowhere to hit the thing. Sybaris yelled something, then the grass started to sway, as the little sprite dropped to knee level and blasted towards the group.

The magic used by Martine became apparent when the bug met the tornado and was thrown backwards. They started after the creature only to have Sybaris bounce it back even further. Michael fell behind as just about everyone was faster than him, thanks to the heavy armor.

Michael was just thinking that this battle was over, when Orgutz went into the air. Michael smiled. He couldn’t help it. Orgutz hit the cyclone and was sucked in, howling as the bug plucked him out of the air and slammed him into the ground.

The bug was starting to rock, from the wind and the effects of the team, as Michael approached the creature and broke into a run. He charged into the fray, headless of the vulnerable position that it left him in. But his wild, crazy charge paid off as Galavrata severed the bugs legs from its body. The tornado threatened to tear the blade from his hands, but he adjusted the swing and split the creature in two.

Orgutz snapped that he had it where he wanted it as he got up.

Then they played in the tornado a bit. It did not act like a normal tornado, and since Sybaris was controlling the winds, the damage was slight.

Being lazy, with the addition of the shark turned hydra and the treant, Michael climbed up and rested in the treant’s branches. At one point, he looked down to see a column of stone that they were trying to talk to. The wind kept the conversation down. Then the left most stone pillar went down as well. It had to be some form of sleep, because the it started awake as the group pummeled it while it’s friend watched. Not to be outdone, Michael jumped from the treant onto the pillar, shattering the stone and flinging it everywhere.

With that, the other pillar fled.



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