The First Frontier

Fey Rites and Unforeseen Consequences

It seems that what we know of humans is mere fantasy, that which we deluded ourselves and spun as truth.

Fate, it seems, drives their actions. They are not actors on a stage, playing out a story – instead, everything is interwoven into one grand narrative, where they share the masks of roles amongst themselves. For one day a man may be a mere farmer, a common person at best, the next he may don the role of the hero and slay a beast plaguing the lands. What we consider to be a fundamental reshaping of our very beings is a simple chapter in the destiny of that human. They freely move between tales as if it were as natural as breathing.

From the humble beginnings of a settler, we forged a path, an expedition through the wilds. We encountered allies and many enemies, some of which were beyond our wildest plays. Through the collapse of the five nodes, we uncovered a great evil and destroyed it.

We are now upon a new adventure, a chapter beyond the tale. I write this to the Sunlit Court, That Which Eternally Shines, to inform that I, along with Martine, the Petal warden, have taken the Rite of Shaping. As per tradition, we send back our fantasies, the Faceless Drifting Child and the Lantern Into the Unknown, and craft our own.

We shall henceforth become,

The Wayfarer of Celestial Directions, and,
The God Eater

It is by our authority that we affirm these to be truths. May they forever be written upon the annals of the Shining Court.

Sybaris & Martine


Martine stirred from her spot, standing on the table corner upon which she was resting. They were relatively safe in the small stone-walled room; surely any discussion of fey matters would be fully drowned out by the incessant banging and clattering of the shipyard outside.

“You know, I never imagined I’d see the day you’d perform the Rite of Shaping.” The little fey shifted her weight, peering down at the markings on the floor.

“Well, it’s not like I can just sit around and expect to become a Huntsman simply for existing.” He produced a small golden lighter, and with a flick the letter burst into green flame. “At least the Court should be satisfied with that.”

“Do you ever think of home?”

Sybaris paused. “Not particularly. Which does remind me, I should visit Edithe and Euadne. They might not recognize me as a huntsman though.”

Martine lowered her head at Sybaris’ sheepish grin. “You’d probably have more pressing issues with the humans.”

The symbols pulsed in recognition of the mage, the sound of a drawing blade quieting the petal. Closing his eyes, Sybaris touched the ground with the tip of his blade. As the ritual began to tear open the fey portal, a familiar pinging sound echoed throughout the room.

A falling vial, from a just arrived missive, signed by… Euadne?

Sybaris’ fingers shot out to catch the vial, yet as they attempted to wrap around the object, the glass simply bounced off his wrist. I misjudged!

Martine’s eyes grew wide as well, though the space between her and it was enormous (in petal terms)…


The contents of the vial, water it seemed, soaked into the stone floor. Martine jolted back up. “What was with that terrible catch!?”

Weren’t you supposed to be fast or something?

Sybaris’ voice never left him. The gate swallowed the initiate whole, plunging the soul into the very process of creation. It showed secrets hidden in samsara, wisdom of the ages. Thought and possibility.


Sybaris awoke to laughter. Seeing Koleromense on the floor, Sybaris went to retrieve it, but the process was awkward. Am I taller? But no, I can’t shift my height-

“What kind of Huntsman were you trying to shoot for?” Martine was on the table clutching her stomach, laughing incessantly. “Look dear, maybe you were thinking about your sisters or something, but at this rate you look like you’d fit amongst them.”

It didn’t take Sybaris that long to realize what had happened, but her face turned white anyways.

“I’ve never heard of a Huntswoman befor-”

And back to laughter. The night continued on, with Martine making jabs at Sybaris’ predicament. They both knew that the Rite of Shaping permanently fixed a fey’s shape, which Martine was keen on mentioning time and time again. Yet, the real worry on Sybaris’ face was not of her shape.

Euadne is going to KILL me if she found out about her spring water! And she’ll know immediately if she saw me. Maybe I should just avoid going back for the next few eons? Or maybe she’ll forgive me? Maybe… maybe I should find a way to pass through the gate again. Yeah, that’s what I’ll do.

Sybaris grabbed the little petal with both hands, hoisting her up. Despite her grimaces, Sybaris could only laugh – to the passerby, Sybaris must’ve gone insane.

“That’s what I’ll do Martine, I’ll become a God!”

“You’ll WHAT!?”


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