The First Frontier

Highway to Hell(ish trouble)

“Flying is the safest way to travel. You look like a cloud, nobody on the ground can reach you, and it’s effortless travel.” Luke counted off the advantages on his fingers as Asher nodded his bird beak in agreement. “We can even cover a whole day’s travel in less than an hour!”

After the magic jelly bean experience Sybaris and Michael didn’t look convinced and Martine was working on a new ditty and staying out of it.

“It safe” Face emphasized “Solid like table” he commented, smashing his fist onto the table they were eating at.

With a sigh the group finally gave in, transforming into mist the group disappeared into the sky, zooming towards their final destination.

As they disappeared on the horizon the table slowly cracked around where Face had hit it, then one leg buckled and the whole thing crashed to the floor in a heap.

Ut Eater looked at their dinner table and turned to Seal Killer “U dink we should tell boss”. Seal Killer thought for a moment then busted out laughing.

A shimmering to either side of the pale ghost white forms flickered into existence, then, all of a sudden Michael, Sybaris, and Luke transformed suddenly from smoke to tangible essence, immediately followed by “Oh …!!!!” with their trailing words disappearing as they plummeted to the earth. Face’s misty form pointed down at the plummeting trio “Boss going to hit ground hard. Use da crystal image thing, make good picture for later”. Orgutz pulled a small crystal from his napsack, wiped off some moldy bread bits from it and prepared for a snap shot, but the picture perfect moment never came. They flashed from sight, then all of a sudden Orgutz could feel himself dropping like a rock. To make matters worse the Troll was just above him. This is not going to feel good was all that Orgutz could think, and then with a flash he was on the ground.

Michael was cleaving through the first one, acid sloshing all over the ground and burning at the mechanical beast. Orgutz staggered to the ground as his life essence was drained from him, and Face cast a spell to strengthen him.

Luke tried to burn one, but failed, and Orgutz and Sybaris criss crossed the battle field closing with great speed as they slash through their opponents. Michael beat the final one into submission, and after a brief interrogation they realized that something was terribly terribly wrong.

“It’s as I’d feared” Luke shook his head in disappointment, turning the mechanical beast over once more to be sure “They carry no treasure”

After spending several hours trudging around on foot, a fact the Troll was not too displeased by after experiencing the plummet of his life. They settled down to rest for a moment. “Okay, so it wasn’t safe, but you have to admit we did get here faster. Besides, how was I supposed to know we’d be facing teleporting, dispelling, creatures that could track us because they were sent by the Gods?”.

It’s at moments like this that Luke was learning to regret his words, as horrible giant dogs from another dimension closed in on them. Michael was torn limb from limb by the first, dropped to the ground in a heap. Sinew, bone, and tendon were exposed from where he’d been hit, but he was unstoppable, heaving a giant swing as his lungs visibly exhaled his giant blade cut deep into the beast. Orgutz moved out, but Face was too slow, he was next to be tossed about, staggering as large gashes bled in a gush onto the ground.

Sybaris slashed at one neatly cleaving through its hind quarters as Martine attempted to heal Michael. Luke’s heart started beating like a bass drum, he knew his delay had almost cost lives. Knowing that another moment like this would spell death to at least one person his mind strained as power poured forth. Two giant constructs popped into being and a bolt of lightening, pure white and arrow straight erupted from his finger tips. He collapsed to the ground, blood dripping from his nose, ears, eyes, and spewing from his mouth. Clutching his chest he dropped to one knee as the beasts fell.

After reattaching most of Michael’s arms, and stuffing Face’s guts back in where they belonged the trek continued through the rough ground until eventually they came upon a more clear area. “Well, at least they can’t sneak up on us here” Luke commented. Michael was getting ready to take a swing at Luke for jinxing them when a giant, centipede like monstrosity came rumbling from out of sight at them. The group charged in smartly slicing through it’s tough exterior in record time, as the beast fell it gripped Sybaris in a death grip, attempting to tear him apart. Even as the beast pulled at him Sybaris body strengthened, mending itself and growing visibly stronger.

Luke however had reached his breaking point, vanishing from sight he disappeared into the distance, and as Sybaris literraly ran straight up a tree to get distance from the swarm of disgusting creatures in its belly the construct, roughly formed from ectoplasm and astral matter squished its way through the beasts. It flew into the tree, but with a mighty swing the giant construct crushed the last of them. At this point he realized he’d also broken the tree. In the contest between the 80’ tall tree and the construct the tree won, or at least came out on top. Sybaris’ jump and roll skills achieved near perfection as he came out on his feat. He paused for a moment, it was oddly silent, in fact as he looked around he found himself curiously alone save for the distant sounds of movement fleeing in the brush.



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