The First Frontier

I want a hydra head too!

Luke rubbed his temples. He wasn’t quite sure how to explain this any clearer to his daughter.

“Look, we can’t get another one so you can have a psicrystal image with it breathing ice behind you. It’s just too dangerous”

Luke’s daughter, Beatrice, eyed her father carefully “Soooo, standing around with two dozen Orcs and the Desert Troll is safe then?”. Her comment was dry, lacking any sarcasm, but it wasn’t lost on Luke for a second.

“Well, at least let me go see the underwater city” Beatrice pressed, not willing to relent. Luke contemplated denying the city existed as he ringed the water out of his clothes, then looked up at Face Smasha as he re-enacted the battle, blindly swinging back and forth and making horrible dying sounds of the Slime creatures. Odd, thought Luke, he didn’t remember Face hitting anything but water.

“Alright, I promise to bring you into the city, but only if you finish your lessons” hopefully he thought to himself that will buy me enough time for us to finish clearing out the city.

“But daaaad” Beatrice whined on in the background “I hate telekinetic exercises, can’t I just dig the trench by hand, it would be so much easier”. Luke leveled ‘the look’ at his daughter, making it clear he wasn’t going to budge. “Look, Beatrice, you’re already behind on your electrocution exercises. I mean look at Grim Reaper over there, he’d probably still be walking if he hadn’t fallen off the ice bridge when you electrocuted him. Now I won’t settle for anything less than total focus. This time we’re going to suspend you upside down in the water for the exercise, and no excuses.” that should do the trick, and she’ll be so upset over her clothes getting wrecked it might even dissuade her from deep sea diving for the city.

A broad grin crossed his daughters lips and she nodded. Her eagerness was most… distressing.

Late into the afternoon splashing and yelping from Orcs being electrocuted, burned, frozen, and otherwise used as guinea pigs continued. Meanwhile Luke reviewed ledgers, petted the Blink dog and fed him a tasty morsel of cooked Hydra Head and sent him back to town with some rare gems for sale.



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