The First Frontier

Trusting trap building slaves to build your fort is bad...

Dear Adella,
I had to separate from the team to assist one of the guard patrols. Turned out to be a false need, but ill came of it. Aylen Olyffe fell when the team attacked a band of orcs that had heavy support. I arrived with the guard patrol at the end. The guards took Aylen’s body and possessions to be sent to his next of kin. We then continued on. Sybaris caught up with us soon after. He was sent to join our team in our efforts to map and secure this area.

The kobold slaves of the orcs asked for our assistance. It seemed that the orcs were using the kobold to build a stronghold. They also were keeping kobold young hostage there. So they led us to this fortress in the making. Foolish orcs built into the side of a mountain. But the kobolds already had positions above the fortress. So, while Jin and Luke prepared for a frontal assault, the rest of us snuck up to be with the kobolds so we could assault from the rear.

That was the plan anyway. A rock that I was stepping on during the climb came loose. And sure enough on of the orc archers heard the noise and spotted me. So we had to begin the assault early. I did not even get into my armor.

Asher used his spells to make the ground sharp. Several orcs running out of the towers to attack us regretted that move as their legs were cut up. Jin climbed up one of the towers, while we fired arrows from above. Then several of the orcs got clever. They jumped from the upper windows and managed to avoid the spiked ground surrounding thier tower. Since they were going to attack the kobolds we were trying to rescue, I used a spell to safely drop into the fortress, even without armor, and moved to assault them. Asher also sent help, in the form of a dire wolf. Rather amusing to see the kobolds run away from the orcs, then have a dire wolf charge around the corner. The orcs were not happy. The capitulated quickly after that.

Not that it saved them.
Jin was deep into one of the towers, fighting orcs. And the kobolds, as soon as Asher released his spike spells, ran up to the towers and tore them down. They must have prepared something in advance, because it did not take them long to do this.

One thing that came out of all of this is the magical greatsword Jin found. It resembles mine. Same make style and everything. It looks like my beliefs about the sword being switched is true. Although why the sword I made would be switched with a magic sword is beyond me. I’m going to have to research these swords in further detail.

My love to you, dear sister. Be safe.



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