The First Frontier

Mindlink Monster Mash

Luke stared Michael straight in the eye. It strained his neck a bit given he was 10’ tall, nevertheless he said, completely straight faced “Nothing could possibly go wrong”.

Michael mulled it over “And this will really make us work that much better as a team… all linked together like this”

“Absolutely. Sybaris and Asher are already on board with it, and ready to go”

“Hmm, but why is it colored like dirt?”

“Oh, I found some in other colors too. Here try one of the red ones”

Michael stared down at the tiny little sparkling magic item “Why does it have two Ws on it?”

Luke started delving into advanced psychic theory finishing with “because it’s red, it’ll make you go faster”. This seemed to satisfy Michael, who promptly popped it into his mouth.

Luke suddenly felt light headed. Flipping through the ancient tome he’d found he realized he’d gotten it reversed, they weren’t W&W enchantments.

Luke stared forward in a haze, things seemed okay, but it was like he was vaguely disconnected from his body. On the bright side the link seemed to have sped everything up, in fact Face was moving so fast he lost sight of him through the fog. He could sense Asher and Sybaris in the link as well, but he realized the link was working backwards. As they entered the room he passed through a wall of fog before his enhanced senses snapped everything into focus. Ahead of him Sybaris was miming shivering and pointing at the giant crystal, then something about the walking dead… and something flying, no, breathing fire, and scales, yes, that was definitely the sign for scales, that or fresh ice cream, he always got those confused.

That’s when the room engulfed in flame. Luke closed his eyes and just focused using his mind, but then his hand started to rise of it’s own will and point at the Crystal. Luke could hear voices bouncing through his head, like he was stuck in a long echoing tunnel, like the ones he played in the catacombs back home.

It was a lot more fun when it wasn’t his head resonating. First he heard Sybaris “Michael, can you freeze the crystal and the half you know whats behind it?” “Got it” he heard echoing back. Then his hand snapped to the left a bit and ice cold shot down range into the Crystal and three of the nearby half whatevers.

The overgrown dogs summoned to protect the temple were met by glowing celestial creatures, salamanders, and what looked like a small naked woman. Luke was going to look closer, but then his head was forcibly turned back to the crystal as Michael broke through the center like a wave cresting the shore. He watched Sybaris and Orgutz circle in for the kill. Like a soldier crisply snapping his heels together at attention they crisscrossed the two lead guards.

His senses lost sight of them as a sticky mist filled the air. Flames erupted again, but this time Sybaris was already working on the crystal. As bears, salamanders, and a very ticked off looking mute bird closed in on the last half thing his sense fuzzed out again.

Face was finally on the verge of success. He was used to the dry heat of the desert, but the dampness of the dungeon had formed a particularly nasty booger lodged in his nose. He had almost freed it when flames erupted down the corridor. For a moment he saw the outline of a beautiful tiny woman, silhouetted by the flames. Then everyone was racing around the corner, leaping, bounding, and skidding as they turned the tight bend. With his finger stuck up his nose he grabbed his mace with the other hand and slammed his helmet down. About that time he realized the error of this particular sequence as his finger, and nose, erupted in pain.

Giant spears and flame breathing wolf like outlines confronted them, with deft skill Sybaris rolled through their defenses while Michael and the Bear pummeled their way through. At last the remaining Salamander went for the death blow on the bear, swinging weakly as it missed, and again, and again. With heat so intense it burned the stone the bear stood amazed, and unscratched. The Salamander was not so lucky.

Face, finger up his nose, blood running down his helmet, shield and mace clutched on one side like a bundle of clothes came racing around the corner. “What’d I miss?” was all he could get out before everyone busted out laughing.

Luke’s senses finally snapped back together and his right cheek was hurting. Asher was winding up for another smack, when Luke put up his hand to stop him “What the heck happened?”.

Sybaris was looking over the strange tome he’d found, a green magic mint in his hand, half melted, and dripping some brown goo down his fingers. “I don’t think these are W&Ws Luke” he said, flipping another page. “Yep, these are an upgraded version, called M&Ms after their creator”. “Their creator?” Luke inquired, his head still pounding like there was a cacophony of demons trying to claw their way out, and his vision now an odd tint of blue. “Yep, they’re Microsoft Mindlinks. Hey, did you read the side effects section? It says that in a small number of cases in can cause the Blue Screams of Death. Oh, but they’ve got a cure, you just have to go into battle using one of their preferred tools, which you can buy separately.”

Luke’s head was still pounding, and he doubted he’d ever have one of those stupid W&W, or M&Ms, or whatever they were again, but just to sate his curiosity he had to ask “And what type of tool is that?”

Sybaris flipped another page, “Umm, looks like they have Service Picks”

Luke shrugged, another useless tome of knowledge, he tossed it on the fire and fed the remaining M&Ms to the Orcs. At least there’d be some entertainment with drugged out Orcs at the campfire tonight.



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