The First Frontier

Old Blue

Lectra gazed across the rolling sand dunes. Her keen eyes picked out a pack of humans and uglies heading her way. She’d smelled them the day before as the winds unmercifully had shifted in her direction.

No sense in attracting attention. Best to let the ruins seems buried and useless thought Lectra. With that a shift in the landscape came about and she made as much of the old ruins, now her home, disappear in the morning blaze of sun and fire.

Still they persisted. They must be tomb raiders, or worse… adventurers. She coiled herself behind the door. Determined to give them one last warning before letting them settle on their fate.

It was almost too good to be true. Lectra had heard of a peculiar human sport, but until now did not understand it’s appeal. As blue lightening flashed from her gullet she now truly understood the joy of bowling.

Her joy was short lived however as armies of arrows, hordes of hippogriffs, and dive-bombing dimension-dooring daredevils began a vicious assault against her. She decided it would be best to end the encounter with as little violence as possible so she eased low to the ground to shake off the two on her back. There she was met with such animosity from the tall ugly (not to be confused with the short ugly) the she immediately fled. Trying to ensure her escape she let loose another bolt at the summoned Hippogriffs, but then they were on her again and as she slowly slipped from consciousness, the ground rushing up at her she thought her final thoughts stupid adventurers.



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