The First Frontier

Row row row your boat

The posse slowed up as they approached the river. Orgutz and Martine hung back while Sybaris moved up. “It looks like a sewer backup” Sybaris commented cautioning the rest to stay where they were.

“What are they?” Lilly asked, not sure she would like the answer.

“They’re ansilus sporadum ochrus”. Sybaris stared at Lilly’s dumbfounded look. It wasn’t often that she looked confused, so Sybaris, a bit taken aback explained “It’s a mutant spore that leaps, phases through various dimensions and sucks the soul out of the living. Just your usual great divide denizens. I thought everybody knew about these.”

“Do they burn” Odeina asked? “Well I suppose if you…” Sybaris started. About then Lillies shimmering form released simmering fire out upon the water.

“Guess we’re not going around them” Luke smiled, at least until they started leaping out of the water, black, soul sucking shadows, chilling the air around them. Sybaris faded from existance and Lilly’s protective spells flickered to life around Luke.

Sybaris struck at them repeatedly, great bursts of divine energy radiated out, bursting the swarms like little bubbles they would play with as a child. Except these bubbles were mutant spores, connected directly to the negative plane of energy and possessed with a preternatural cunning to hunt and kill anything that moved. It reminded Orgutz of playtime growing up, and he had a moment of sadness that he couldn’t join in the frolicking.

Lilly put her craftsmanship to work creating a giant sailing ship for them to ride. Of course she had no idea how it actually worked, so the first couple of experiments with Hydra furling sails went poorly until Sybaris whiped out his Admirals Bicorn, strode behind the ships wheel and started quoting Hornblower.

Shortly thereafter they crashed into the beaches on the other side, and strode for the towering wall. Lilly worked her magic blasting steadily through the side to make a walkway until two flying outsiders appeared. Things were going well as Sybaris engaged the first until a giant rock slide crushed two of the villagers alive. Two time stopped revivifies later and an aerial charge and they started their journey anew, this time from the bottom up as the earthquake had carried them back down the cliff face.

Shrugging out of his parka Luke asked Sybaris “500? Really, was that necessary? I’ll be scrubbing outsider guts out of my hair through next week”. Martine pipped in, rather defensively “Hey, they killed two already, I didn’t see you doing anything”. Luke was going to retort, but decided focusing on four failed attempts to punch through their resistance was a bad idea.

Finally they reached level ground and continuing the Dino train towards civilization.

Once again Orgutz was reminded of the school yard as three big bullies (oh about 60 feet or so) stopped them in their tracks. The biggest, meanest one (ie the one Sybaris said could resist spells was laughing at them). He was still laughing as Orgutz cleaved into the first one. Sybaris made chopping motions and yelled over the bone crunching noise “Hit him again!”. Orgutz gladly obliged beating the giant repeatedly.

Sybaris closed in, flying at tremendous speed and evading the attacks of the giant. His sword, wreathed in unstoppable power cleaved an arc through the air. It made solid contact right between the third and fourth rib and made a solid


sound. The giant was still laughing. This was not a good sign. Luke blurred through time and space and appeared next to Sybaris “Need a light?” he asked. “I’ll take a hot one” he replied. The two remaining giants pounded on Sybaris and Luke, creating huge divits in the ground.

Lilly snapped through time repeatedly summoning three giant Baleen whale, then morphed them into 12 headed, strength enhanced hydras. Surrounding him on all sides they bit, tore, and chewed. As the frey ended the giant waited patiently, then commented “Ow, I think I have a hangnail now”.

Martine, unimpressed, closed in, her tiny blade striking a long shallow gash clear round him, she circled him several times until it looked like he might slide apart.

The giant was making much louder noises now, and as Orgutz closed in he swung at him like a giant baseball. Orgutz spun as the impact twisted him in mid flight, but as he tumbled through the air his greatsword flew from his grasp. Martine, having freaked out the giant already flew up next to him and quietly said “Boo”. He stumbled back just as the sword burried into the side of his skull. Martine high fived Orgutz as he went by. Unfortunately she was a good fifty feet up, and Orgutz, well, he resembled first base after a home run slide… by an elephant.

Sybaris looked at the giant them in a nightmarish swing of his blade cut across and downward. As the giant fell to the ground Sybaris commented “Good thing the fire worked, but next time, we need to use force Luke.” Unperturbed Luke pointed at the giant, now dead on the ground “You sure he’s dead? That only looked like 800.”

Later that day they strode into town. Lilly handed the travelers a bill for services rendered, when they asked if that was a thousand copper each or total, she mumbled some comment about underpaid and overworked and just walked away.



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