The First Frontier

Shootout at the Fireball Corral

As the turned the corner, they spied a misty wall ahead of them.
Adget moved forward, running a commentary as she went.
“Wall of Fog” class of spells, she stopped and stiffed, then ran her hand through the spell. “Plain old Wall of Fog. Too bad.”

She walked back to her spot in the group. Sybaris took her place, silently moving into the cloud. He returned shortly, making the signs for half Dragon humanoid and Undead, five of them in a star formation. And another fire crystal.
Michael sighed. This was going to be fun.
Adget and Asher Turindyl started casting. Summoned creatures, by the length of the spell. The group prepared. As Orgutz Render went through, he yelled “Incoming hellhounds.” followed by a “Huh?”. From behind me, the Flame Salamanders Asher had summoned chaffed at the bit.
“The Protection from Evil spell. It prevents summoned creatures from passing through the spell.” Adget piped up from the back. “Most summoned creatures that is.” He could hear the smile in her voice. Her celestial bears were edging forward, ignoring the protective spell.

One of the hell hounds was trying to get around the spell. Michael smacked it with the sword.
“We no need protection from critters.” Face Smasha said, moving forward. Michael moved to Face’s side, throwing a strike at a hell hound. Then there was a snarling beast at his side. One of the celestial bears had charge a hell hound, breaking it into tiny fragments as death released it from the spell. A second bear moved past the first, turning to take the line of hell hounds in the flank. The third stopped to claw the flanking hell hound that Michael had force back.

Sybaris moved through the gap in the formation, getting into the enemy backfield. Luke and his posse were out flanking the line to the left. The bears had shattered the right flank of the hell hounds.
Adget moved up, wanting to get into the action.
The crystal released a fireball into the group. Michael closed his eyes as the flames enveloped him. He did not have vigor up, and the fire burned him.
The line of hell hounds shattered under the onslaught. Luke must have energy missile’d some of the undead, two were blocks of ice, while a third wanted to be. A coat of ice was melting from the crystal.
Orgutz moved up, in his usual manner, while Sybaris moved up the opposite flank. The leading undead died, swinging their spiked chains uselessly. Adget walked forward, looking around in interest. She waved her hands, and bolts of magic raced out towards the last undead half dragon, ending its existance. Sybaris was already at the crystal, stopping it from sending any more fireballs our way.
Magic strengthened. All could feel it in one way or another. Satisfied that everything was in order, the group started their withdraw from the complex.

And ran straight into a patrol of Fire Salamanders on Fire Wolves. One Salamander had jumped off his wolf, going after Sybaris. Bad move, as Orgutz lept and cleaved the thing in two.
Asher’s bear got into the mix as well, facing off against both a salamander and a wolf.
Ice and stone fell from the ceiling, pelting the fiery creatures, as Adget weaved a spell.
The battle was over before Face even wandered around the corner. His confusion generated chuckles from the group.

They left to plan what their next step should be.


It’s amazing how much I forget in just a day or two.

Good stuff.

Shootout at the Fireball Corral

How do you get the character links embedded?

Shootout at the Fireball Corral

There is a button on the tool bar. Like 4th from the right. Allows the insertion of a character from the list.

Shootout at the Fireball Corral

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