The First Frontier

Thar be Dragon(burgers) here!

There are certainly plenty of dragons to be found here.
As we traveled, we came across a burned out village of halflings. Burned out using dragon acid. No survivors except a child.
Bringing the child with us, we moved on to find a halfling caravan, similarly burned out. There was one survivor here as well, but an adult this time. He knew the child. One of the dead halflings was the parent of the child, it seems.

We did not have time to do much other than heal the halfling. A black dragon showed up, flying overhead. Little Adget immediately unleashed a spell of lightning on the beast, while Sybaris went to ground and beyond (he can dig quite well) and prepared to use missile weapons on the dragon. Asher did what he does best, and started summoning griffons to harry the dragon.

Seeing as I had little in the way of ranged attacks, I grabbed Adget and provided her with increased mobility, since the dragon had breathed on her. She was able to cast spells at the dragon while I ran.

It took only moments for the dragon to decide that this was too much for it. It started to fly away. I reversed direction and we started to pursue it. Between Adget’s spells and Asher’s flying horde, the dragon did not last long, even in flight.

The halflings came back (they disappeared fast when the dragon showed up, which was good) with another halfling in tow. They were able to impart to us the location of another halfling town that may be in trouble soon (the dragon we brought down was the baby) and the location of the lair. So we set off to convince mom that further attacks were unwise.

It turned out that there was a deep pool, at the bottom of which was the dragon’s lair. We had some water breathing potions that we found, so we were able to get down to the lair easily. Asher summoned giant sharks while Adget summoned crocodiles, then we went in.

There was some sort of warding spell on the entrance. A sonic burst later, along with outwards rushing water, we were deafened, but still able to fight. Most of us were able to get up to the dragon, but Adget’s crocodiles were having a hard time with the dragon’s ward. The passage was narrow, so we were limited in how many could attack the beast. Asher’s lead shark went head to head with the dragon. I moved to the side of the dragon, while Sybaris went through the ground to attack the dragon. The beast was well armored. I could barely stike it effectively. The fact that the beast was frightful to look at as well did not help. We were able to do some damage to it, and we whittled it down, but it was a tough fight.

Fortunately, there were no serious casualties in the entire fight. We went to the halfling village to recover and rest before moving on.



I’m glad your logs actually tell the story. I just love to side track!

Thar be Dragon(burgers) here!

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