The First Frontier

The Road Less Travelled

Nose Picker turned to Head Cleaver and muttered “Me no believe boss left us behind. We stuck in mud while he gets to fly dere.”

Cleaver nodded in acknowledgement, certain that ‘boss’ was having a much easier time

Luke doubled over in pain as his ring flashed, it’s ebony hue dancing over him as he felt like his skull was split in two. That’s the last time I get discount rings, I don’t care if it does protect me from being dominated

Luke weakly waved forward the constructs as they waded into another room of angels. He commented to Face “Does it not strike you as odd? I mean Angels and Demons working together toward some common goal. And a conspiracy to cover it up, it just seems wrong doesn’t it Face?”

Smasha nodded “Yeah boss, it wrong very wrong.” but his attention was elsewhere as he watched Orgutz getting pounded into the ground. “Dat one stupid Orc, eh boss”. Luke stared at Face for a moment, contemplating a reply about the magnitide of Face’s stupidity and how his common sense seemed to slip with each passing moment, but instead settled for “Yeah… that’s one stupid Orc”.

Nose buried his Pick smack into the center of the Kobold, just as another one lept on him. It was looking like one of those days, up to his knees in mud, a surprise Kobold attack, and worst of all Beatrice was helping with the defense.

Another singing arc of fire criss-crossed the battlefield, this time it hit two Kobolds (and an Orc) leaving all three of them diving into the mud to extinguish themselves.

Pulling his weapon out of his opponents face Nose hollered at Cleaver “Hey! Do I know how to pick ’em or what!?!” then ducked as Cleaver hurled his axe at the Kobold grappling him, or maybe it was at him.

“Alright, we lucked out, this time it’s not a half elemental half undead creature, it’s just a gigantic elemental and lots of walking dead”.

Luke wasn’t sure who had said it, but his sense of security was not improving, he raised up his hands to let loose a bolt of pure power. Instead little sparks of electricity fizzled as he realized he’d pushed himself too far. He watched as Orgutz was (again) pummeled, no wait, that’s electrocuted, no wait, burned to a pulp, err scorch mark, on the ground.

Well, at least I left all my devoted believers behind, they should be having a much easier time of it Luke though.

Cleaver watched Nose get crushed under a giant boulder. The boulder was so big all that could be seen was one twitching hand sticking out from under it at an odd angle.

“Uh oh, boss, I think we in trouble now”. When Beatrice walked up and started addressing the Giants in a tongue that Cleaver couldn’t understand he had a bad feeling he wasn’t going to like this….



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