The First Frontier

The Season of Kobolds


Have you ever heard of kobolds? They, like humans, also keep to rules and stories. Just today they struck an agreement to become allies. What narratives they weave! They do things with purpose, as if each were his or her own part, all commanded by some master script.

I arrived today to meet up with some humans. A timely ally always arrives to great fanfare; I took to some scraggly cliffs and shot through an enemy! There were others too, a man who conjured the blood of his foes with his blade, a knight who rode his steed through the thicket only to seemingly laugh at everyone, even a swordsman who betrayed the ground. All of this to save a few kobold children – how dramatic!

They promise good things in the future. I’ll do the same. Take care of Euadne for me!




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