The First Frontier

The wind and the widowmaker

Lillywalker was starting to think Martine had the right idea, unfortunately movement had never been her strong suit. After all, that’s what flying Hydras were for, and hers was presently preoccupied.


She wasn’t sure what these creatures were, other than flying, vicious, and immune to fire. A combination she didn’t care for. As another one stung the paralyzed Orgutz she realized she could actually see clear through him, and that Luke and Sybaris had jaunted away.

Thankfully Michael, now towering over the battlefield was striding forward, doing more than her pesky little 30’ tall treant and pet Hydra could.

Then Sybaris blasted through one as Luke suddenly appeared, as if warped through time forward. The trip had taken a toll on him and he almost staggered to the ground. Lillywalker healed up what was left of Orgutz who finally snapped out of it.

Orgutz wound up for the kill, his arms flashing in a blaze of motion as the creature fell over backwards with hardly a nick from Render. At that point the rather disappointed Orc looked around at the carnage. He looked like a boy who’d missed his own birthday party. Little did he know he’d go for the carnival ride of his life in just a few moments…

Martine, blasting over her shoulder at the giant bug monstrosity trailing her returned to the party. It seemed weakened by the tremendous weight of the world, and when Sybaris struck it with a battering wind it was almost pinned to the spot. Ice shot out in front of it, but undaunted Render leapt through the air, only to disappear from sight in a swirling vortex of destruction. Regrettably not his enemies.


Then the beat down jamboree began as Michael, Sybaris, the ten headed Shark and the walking staff of doom pummeled the bug to death. Orgutz finally finished rebounding off the great divide’s walls and returned in time to see it put down.

Lilly was beginning realize that Luke’s brand of diplomacy worked best on the weak willed. Unfortunately, as the giant stone monstrosities moved forward to pummel them into the ground, she realized these weren’t the type susceptable to his brand of diplomacy. Morphing into a many sphered bouncing ball of joy she put one to sleep and “convinced” the other of the error of his ways.

What happened next involved one helpless giant lump of animated rock being turned into one giant lump of unanimated rubble. The other giant fled through a portal. Luke attempted to warp it back, but it’s power was beyond his ability to control.



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