The First Frontier

To Father


The East is broader than I thought. There are many aliens who live beyond thunderous peaks, some in cities much alike the Grand Palaces. Some are weak, some are powerful – the companions I travel with have newly bested a giant slime, clearing out a fortress for their allies, the kobolds. They seem to abide by our rules, but something tells me that there is something predestined here.

I have finally slain my first. The blade you had me adorn is excellent; I can already feel its power. Koleromense, as its name were, is guiding me to your ways. I now walk the path of the Hunter, as do you.

I hope this finds you in high spirits. May the lands be bountiful and the hunts endless.


Dear Diary,

The East confuses me – I think time itself treads more slowly here. I know I spent several months on the trail, yet Sybaris tells me that it was only a couple of days ago that she sent a letter to Euadne.

Speaking of which, I have had the joy of finding Sybaris! It’s been a long while now… I still remember the days when I stumbled across the lost, unshapen child. Though, to think the shape Sybaris takes now is a cloaked mute absolutely baffles me. I will deal with that silly mask – it isn’t good to hide behind such meaningless artifacts!

It might be a while before I go back though. I admit, I am also intrigued by the creatures that live here. At least they seem friendly – some even enjoy a casual jig or two.

Why are they all so damned tall!?





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