The First Frontier

What are the odds?

In the grand scheme of things Luke figured it was a good day.

As another orc came through the portal, his wheel barrel laden with glowing items, heaps of gold, silver, and platinum, and gems galore he realized this was finally it… the great haul.

They could retire, settle back, and relax.

About then a mud pie hit him in the back of the head.

It was Orc mud bowl season again. Having the unpaved courtyard he’d known he’d regret, but it was proving far too useful for Sybaris’ Omni Battleship. Luke turned to the Orcs and shouted, “That’s it, I told you heads would roll if you guys started another game!”.

Fire erupted across the mudbowl field and burning Orcs ran in all directions. Luke was beginning to realize he had to be careful what he said. Turning to the giant multi colored dragon beside him he said “Let me explain about diplomacy, you see when dealing with Orcs its not a conversation unless you threaten to kill them. You can even rough them up a little bit, but we don’t burn them alive”

The dragon stared blankly at him until Luke finally added “Most of them, okay, a few Orcs slip through the cracks, that’s a necessary sacrifice they’re happy to make”.

Luke was being called over by Lilly to inspect the latest round of wall construction. On his way there Asher pulled him over and mentioned something, pointing at the dragon. Luke turned to the dragon and shouted back “Or electrocute… or claw, maim, disfigure, crush, bite, or cause grievous harm”.

Like a wounded puppy the giant dragon moped and meandered away, head slung low. Lilly was pointing out one of the walls that needed to be moved, apparently some new trees were in the design that he’d “forgotten” about and the wall needed to be moved. They were debating about how to remove the rather thick stretch of wall when a screech erupted from behind them.

Diving to the side the giant Battleship came speeding forward with Martine at the controls, struggling to hold on as the Battleship went crashing through the wall. After it came to a halt Sybaris casually came over to inspect.

The new ram on the front had not a scratch. It glinted in the late afternoon sun, narry a line or dent on it after crushing through 3" of solid steel.



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