The First Frontier

What goes up must come down (and crash land)

Luke looked up at Michael “You want to fight a Giant… and you want to do it single handedly”. Luke paused for a long moment, he knew he’d been coming up with some ideas that hadn’t panned out exactly as he’d planned, but this was stretching even his imagination. “And let me get this straight, you want to do it because your sword said it’s the right thing to do?”.
Storm giants
Luke motioned to Orgutz. “Can you find us a Giant settlement Orgutz?”. Orgutz hadn’t memorized the right spells today, but after a moment of thought, leaning against a nearby boulder he pointed up the nearby mountain.

“Look Render, we really don’t want to go flying again”

“No boss, boulder come from there” Render said pointing up the mountain.

It was then that Luke realized the deep furrows in the ground from the boulder that had obviously been thrown here. “Gutz! You’re a genius” Luke cried, slapping him on the back. Luke gripped his hand in pain, Orgutz’s back was solid like a rock from all the bone and muscle hardened over by scars and callouses"

The walk up the hill was tiring, but eventually they came to the crest where the blue Giants had made their home.

“Okay Michael, I’ve got a plan, just let me talk to them”

“Ooomaf gishak a shootuu shootuu” Luke hailed them

At first the Giants laughed and pointed, then Luke pulled out a large sack of coin and shook it. This got their attention and soon they were motioned inside to a muddy arena of sorts.
Giants were shouting and pounding the ground cheering on the runt Giant that stepped into the muddy ring. Luke swallowed, as he looked up, and up, and then up some more. His neck straining he said “are you sure this is a good idea?”. Luke reached over to grab Michael by the arm then realized he was holding a shin bone. Michael had grown to a staggering twenty feet tall himself.

Luke watched as the Giant and Michael pounded each other into the mud. Acid and crackling psionic energy lashed back at the Giant each time he struck at Michael. The Orcs were shouting in Orcish, something about blood for the Orc gods, and we’re almost as rowdy as the Giants. Pretty soon the battle came to a close, but instead of throwing the lot of them out they were invited to dinner.

Michael proceeded to drink the young Giant he’d fought under the table, which was impressive given the size of the table (and the mugs of ale).

After a good night’s rest the Giants even helped them find their way. Cresting the top of the mountain a giant half mile deep depression was bracketed by an impenetrable wall of wind whipping about in criss-crossing directions. Face tossed a stone at it only to have it come flying back at them. Michael commented “Can you get us through it? I have a plan”
Falling damage
Luke studied it for a while, then stepped closer. As he concentrated an odd cycling sound like a bee humming could be heard and then a slightly refracting bubble expanded out from him. He moved towards the wall and the winds subsided.

“Okay Michael, I think I can hold the winds down, but you’d better do whatever you’re planning, and fast”

Not long after they were holding onto a rope dangling inside. “Face, do the gas thing” Orgutz said. Instantly everyone regretted the request as Face had been on a steady bean diet the last three days.

Once things were clarified their vaporous, misty forms descended.

Everywhere they looked Demons milled about, there must have been hundreds of them.
Magic sword
Eventually they settled down at the temple in the center. They almost made it by the Huge demon standing guard. He chased after them until they disappeared through cracks in the Temple.

What ensued next was a mad rush with Michael taking bounding steps in his huge form down the hall.

The first demon was huge like the one outside, after a brief fight where he was badly injured he teleported away.

Again they faced a horde of demons, this time screeching and enveloping them in a cloud of spores. In the back a trio chanted, preparing to devastate them with a team spell. Michael cleaved through the center as Face and Orgutz protected the flanks. As the last of them fell they raced onward into what appeared to be a central chamber.
At first Michael thought they’d been surprised as Luke, in a rare burst of speed, sent a thin red blossom of fire into the room. It exploded, clearing the riff raff out of the way. Charging in the group laid low the demons before a few teleported away.
As they continued to move on they found more demons and destroyed several of their hot air mechinations. Not sure what they were it wasn’t until loud alarms started sounding that they gave pause “Uhh boss, this sounds dangerous”. It was Orgutz speaking, which gave pause to both Luke and Michael… for Orgutz to be worried it had to be bad.



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