Beatrice Liondel


Beatrice Liondel is unusually mature for her age. Being only nine, no-one believes her when she tells them she’s really seventeen.

Luke, her father, seems unfazed by the discrepancy, and when either is pressed on the details they reply “Don’t meddle with planar powers you don’t fully understand, time distortion is very very substantial on some planes”

Beatrice, to most, is a spoiled child, immersed in herself and her own world. To those who grow to know her they realize she is self reliant, fiercely protective of family, AND a spoiled child.

She has a growing fondness for Face Smasha. Many would confuse this for love, but Beatrice’s true feelings more equate to those towards a loyal family dog. In this case a Dire Worg trained to eat small children, but that suits Beatrice just fine.

She has grown accustomed to the brutality of the Planes and survival of the fittest. Of course, she considers herself refined and above it all, but she is not ignorant of it and considers the city slicker life, with its imaginary safety from the outside world to be a hoax of the greatest proportion.

Beatrice Liondel

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