Face Smasha(d up)

Big, dumb, and ugly. Choose any four


Face Smasha Character Sheet 9/20/2012

Cause of death: Finger of Death meets a 1 Fort save
Complicating factors: He was the cleric on duty



Orcish for have a nice day

“Face Smasha” grew up a typical Orc. Killing smaller goblinoids and mercilessly killing cute forest creatures. However, unlike most Orcs he was different. Where the rest of his tribe reveled in the bloodshed he felt a certain degree of guilt.

His magical connection manifested when he was still young, but where most of his fellow Orcs received a direct, powerful bond to their patron deity he was instead disconnected.

Indeed the great Orkin Hoffka Nasah * disdained his predisposition for judgement and balance. Instead he drew his power through his own personal revelation, but lacking the gift for higher thought he began a search for guidance. His prayers were answered by a mental beacon in the jungle. Calling him across miles of woodland he encountered an unlikely band of humans, and other, stranger beasts. One of them now guides him down a more even path.

Nevertheless Face Smasha, as he has been now dubbed finds the best path to balance is to hit them from the right and then the left. Leaving one to wonder what the less enlightened Orcs think.

  • Roughly translated as the great foot that smites our enemies by squashing them beneath a giant, smelly heel of unstoppable death. Yes, some phrases translate very succinctly into Orcish, whereas others like “table manners” are too complicated to even appear in the written word.

Face Smasha(d up)

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