Luke Liondel

Neutral, because the coin really has two sides, and they both use area effect powers


Luke is a professional body guard. Or at least he was until he decided on a safer career than escorting business men around. Apparently, the people he escorted obtained their money while making lots of enemies, and while he’s never been a stellar example of dark age virtue (if there is such a thing), he decided that he needed more honest work.

While his keen insight helped him to realize that working on the new frontier would be suicide without a team around, he was completely unprepared for the ultimate enemy he would face, a backstabbing King who decided to use his family to manipulate him into doing what he wanted. In the end Luke brought his evil patrons control over him, but not before he lost his wife and eldest daughter, and nearly lost his younger daughter to a rift to another plane.

Despite being a bold explorer on the new frontier, Luke has carried with him some strong sentiments from his previous work. He doesn’t like venturing alone (whose going to pay you?) and he always has this sense of being the invisible protector. At times this makes him uninvolved, after all a body guard is there when you need him, but unobtrusive when he’s not, but furiously devoted when the need arises.

Luke Liondel

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