Martine, Wayfarer of Celestial Directions. Also Sybaris' Cohort.


Sorcerer 2/Paladin 2/Swordsage 2/Abjurant Champion 5/Jade Phoenix Mage 3/Shadow Sun Ninja 1
STR 6 DEX 24 CON 18 INT 14 WIS 10 CHA 25(30)
HP 139 FORT +22 REFLEX +25 WILL +20 AC 56
I need to update the skills
Stealth +28
Fly +23
Acrobatics +21
Use Magic Device +14
Bluff +12
Diplomacy +12
Handle Animal +12
Perform (rally) +12
Concentration +11 or +15 defensive casting
Escape Artist +11
Spellcraft +11
All other Cha skills +8
All other Dex skills +7
Knowledge (arcana, history, nobility, religion) +6
Heal +4
Perception +4
Sense Motive +4
Experience 147712

Sheet can be found here:

Cohort of Sybaris.


Petals usually don’t get the limelight. Often, they simply play their role handed to them, putting random passerby to sleep in hopes that their beautiful sleep won’t be interrupted by any wandering monsters. They spend their many years doing this, and finally when they perish, often eons later as most fey do, they have accomplished nothing.

That didn’t sit well with Martine. Ever since her budding years, she always yearned to do just a bit more, perhaps send a message on behalf of a satyr to his newly found obsession, forage for rare seeds for a clumsy treant, or entertain the oft bored nymphs. In her service, she uncovered a lost fey trail, where upon seeking the end of it she laid eyes on the assembled Hunt. It was a transformative experience that left her hungry for knowledge, to decipher their enigmatic existence and perhaps uncover a few secrets of the world.

Today, Martine serves as a grove servant, recently dispatched by a residing fey to find and retrieve that weirdo Sybaris. Not too bad, that just requires finding a morphic creature amongst a potentially hostile, if not completely foreign environment for potentially years on end.

What great fortune befalls her.

Yes, the image doesn’t quite fit. I can’t quite find a very good faerie picture, so have the fey princess from Odin Sphere instead.


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