Odeina Lillywalker

Wizard/Cleric, hiding in back with the Druid


Character Sheet 11/12/2012
Odeina Lillywalker was never described as brave, always the brainy one she was often teased by the other kids in school, making her a bit reclusive and a book worm. In fact she taught herself magic during this time, and one summer day, when she was out working in the fields with her father they were set upon by giant (to a kid) beasts from the neighboring wood.

Her father awoke the next day, badly injured, but alive. Odeina bore similar injuries, but had carried and dragged him home. Rumors started to spread about the Lillywalker beast slayer, and Odeina decided it was time to move on. She started a life as a scribe, then after discovering that she longed for the excitement of the open road set out to discover the world.


She’s never looked back since. Every now and then she’ll scry on her parents to make sure they’re safe, and during particularly harsh winters sends supplies, livestock, and help their way. One year during a particularly difficult season of storms and ravenous dire squirrels she set up a wall with traps across the top to curb their rampant destruction.


Odeina Lillywalker

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