Orgutz Render

Fantasy Math: Sword + Blender - Intelligence = Orc + Warblade


Orgutz Render Character Sheet 11/12/2012

Orgutz came from a tribe that was friendly with Face Smasha’s. As children they played games like “Slaughter the weak” and “Hit face until feet are bleeding”

While Orgutz was the “runt” for his tribe he decided to make up for it by learning the finer elements of swordplay. He has a mystical connection with battle now and almost flies into battle every chance he gets. Nevertheless at times old playful habits kick in and Face and Render will have a go. It’s like watching wrestling, but where it’s real… and there are sharp objects involved.

Animal companion

Of course it’s all in good fun, so long as at least one bystander gets hurt.

Linguists note: The Orcish language contains frequent use of unwritten y sounds. Including such expressions as “Eww, going to die” often confused by foreigners as a mortally wounded Orc. They frequently discover the true meaning a little too late. Orgutz is a similar name, with it’s hidden y sound at the beginning.


Orgutz Render

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