God Eater Sybaris


Crusader 2/Rogue 1/Archivist 2/Cleric 1/Ruby Knight Vindicator 10/Swordsage 1/Eternal Blade 1
STR 12 (18) DEX 16 (22) CON 10 (16) INT 16 (22) WIS 20 (26) CHA 14 (20)
HP 126 (5 Buffer) FORT +16 REFLEX +21 WILL +30 AC 43
Stealth +43
Concentration +36
Perception +36
Knowledge (arcana) +30
Knowledge (religion) +30
Bluff +29
Sense Motive +29
Acrobatics +28
Disguise +26
Knowledge (planes) +25
Diplomacy +24
Escape Artist +23
Intimidate +21
Linguistics +18
Fly +16
Knowledge (dungeoneering, local, nature) +15
Spellcraft +15
Ride +14
Sleight of Hand +14
Appraise +12
Craft (weaponsmithing, armorsmithing, clothing) +12
Swim +12
Use Magic Device +12
Climb +10
Heal +10
Experience 156001
Maximum Solo Damage vs Human Something terribly silly now.

Sheet can be found here:

Has a cohort: Martine


The Ideal

The Reality

In retrospect, it was a poor idea to bring a vial of incredibly magical fey spring water through the Gateway of Sundraprisha.

Old Content

To journeymen, the excitement of the find, the discovery of a sight never before seen is what makes feet tread ground. For these people, their boyish fantasies only grow strong as they age. Sometimes, the wild gets curious too.

Not much is known about Sybaris. Light does not penetrate the figure’s clothes, and none can get a good glimpse of the creature’s face, hidden behind cloth, cast in shadow under a hood. Some surmise that a humanoid lies underneath – the number of limbs and relative proportions lend confidence in this theory.

As to how Sybaris became a settler of Westedge, no one knows for sure. Most take well to the stranger’s presence, and despite disconcerting rumors about a sickenly silver blade stowed amongst the creature’s robes, no one has come to really question the safety of being so open. At least Sybaris has done little to stymie the people, which many find comfort in.


The First Frontier Rufei