Legacy Elven Courtblade

weapon (melee)

Base Form Masterwork Large Hideaway Elven Courtblade

Omen (Visual): When Koleromense is drawn, its image warps as if forming into shape from the hilt itself.

Penalties: Table 4-2, single save (fort)

5: Scourge of Fiends (Su) [p84]: Cold iron and silver for overcoming DR.
6: Protection from Evil (Ex) [p62]: Constant protection from evil, CL 5.
7: Warrior’s Surge (Su) [p177]: +4 bonus to STR and CON for 5 rounds when reduced to 0 or fewer HP by melee attack, no action, 1/day
8: Soul’s Guidance (Su) [p81]: Standard action to grant +2 luck bonus to attack and damage for 3 minutes while wielding Koleromense, 1/day
9: -
10: +1 Spellstoring Hideaway Feycraft Broadsword
11: -
12: -
13: Contingency: As the spell Contingency, no cost, 1/day
14: -
15: Vicious Attack [p145 ToB]: +1 to crit value
16: Cunning: Never flatfooted
17: +1 Spellstoring Keen Devoted Spirit White Raven Discipline Elven Courtblade
18: Unity of Balance [p138]: Immunity to energy drain, death effects, positive and negative dominant planar traits
19: Wizardry II: As ring of wizardry II
20: Quicken Spell, Lesser: As Quicken Spell without cost, 3/day, spell level 3 or lower


The Call [Least] – Removed from kin, reborn in spirit. Fell the prey, call the hunt. Koleromense rewards that which understands the way. Fell a creature and call forth the sacrifice for Koleromense’s awakening.
Nadir [Lesser] – Become the hunted, fall to might. When comraderie saves, pray to night. Koleromense rewards that which understands the hunt. A creature fells you, be saved by comrades and understand the importance of allies.
Apotheosis [Greater] – Pass through the gates of Sundraprisha, envision the graces within. Ring the peony bell, step forth and enter the crusade. Koleromense will be there. …!?


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