The First Frontier

Wolves, Hyenas, and Gnolls, oh my!

I put the finishing touches on the flail and heavy pick that I’ve been working on. I sold the rapier to Akeema. This letter should arrive before the caravan she and Khaska are escorting does.
Jeffers told me about some livestock problems that the town guard have been looking into. We decided to go take a look and see if we could find anything. We found a trail that led to a den of of three wolves. And one of those wolves was huge! Aylen says that it was a Dire Wolf! We made that the top target. While Aylen and Jin moved in to attack the beast, I moved around to the creature’s rear. Then Zul cast a spell on me to make me larger. Well the dire wolf did not like that and tried to flee (it could also have been Jin slapping the beast with his great sword), but whith me so large, I could easily crush the creature’s skull with the flail. We put down the other two wolves and returned to town to let the guard know we had solved the mystery.

We camped out that night. It was a fair evening, so we did not use the tent. We have regretted that decision. A trio of gnolls and their hyena pets assaulted us in the night. And one of them decided that I was one of the first threats to eliminate.
Please be at ease sister. While I have a new scar to show to you, the coward fell to Luke’s fire quick enough. We dispatched the rest of the band and left their remains for the wild animals to claim. I did get a composite shortbow out of it. And since bows are not weapons that I make, I decided that using it would be fair.

A local spellcaster wants us to find some plants for her. I will write when I get back.

Well, the gnolls are definitely upset with us. We were ambushed by four gnoll archers. I use the term lightly. They nicked our point man, Pip and then tried to run. I took a moment to secure the mule and riding horse, and just in that time, the fight had moved deeper into the woods. So I stayed and guarded the animals while the ambushers were hunted down.
How’s that for glorious adventuring?

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