The First Frontier

To Father


The East is broader than I thought. There are many aliens who live beyond thunderous peaks, some in cities much alike the Grand Palaces. Some are weak, some are powerful – the companions I travel with have newly bested a giant slime, clearing out a fortress for their allies, the kobolds. They seem to abide by our rules, but something tells me that there is something predestined here.

I have finally slain my first. The blade you had me adorn is excellent; I can already feel its power. Koleromense, as its name were, is guiding me to your ways. I now walk the path of the Hunter, as do you.

I hope this finds you in high spirits. May the lands be bountiful and the hunts endless.


Dear Diary,

The East confuses me – I think time itself treads more slowly here. I know I spent several months on the trail, yet Sybaris tells me that it was only a couple of days ago that she sent a letter to Euadne.

Speaking of which, I have had the joy of finding Sybaris! It’s been a long while now… I still remember the days when I stumbled across the lost, unshapen child. Though, to think the shape Sybaris takes now is a cloaked mute absolutely baffles me. I will deal with that silly mask – it isn’t good to hide behind such meaningless artifacts!

It might be a while before I go back though. I admit, I am also intrigued by the creatures that live here. At least they seem friendly – some even enjoy a casual jig or two.

Why are they all so damned tall!?



"Clean up in isle *blub*" -Facesmasher

Dear Adella,
We finished clearing the temple. There was several pools of oozes, which we did a “high wire act” to burn out, a Gellatinous Cube, which tried to eat Face Smasha and Pip then it made a mess, and a room filled with fire beetles. Took time, but not serious threats.
We returned to town and sold off our pile of loot and hear the latest news.
Based on the map that we found in the temple, we set off for what we think is the next location. Along the way, the new minion of Sybaris who is some sort of flying Fey, got my thoughts turning in a new direction. I have started training with weapons while in mid air. A very promising training. Other than that, several days passed without event. Then we found the tree. You would think that a tree could not harm anyone directly. But you would be wrong. This tree can do some of the same tricks that Like can do. And it proceeded to do so.
Several rocks with legs attacked Luke. Then the tree began trying to stun us. And it conjured a minion to attack us. There is something about the druid’s bear friend as well, never quite got the story there.
But it was still a tree. We eliminated the immediate threat and chopped that tree down. And made the biggest, smokiest fire you ever saw.

I’m also realizing that Galavrata is much more than it seems. I spent a good deal of time with the orcs, practicing the language and getting to know them (I spent a lot of coin (1700 gp) on drinks for the journey). And I found myself becoming attuned to Galavrata. Please go to the library and look for the Chronicles of Kresh Shiresmasher. Around the third chapter…

Commission Report, the year of our Lord 548, Entry 4

To My Most Generous and Humble Lord,

We have secured peace with the Kobolds and established both a potential embassy and a scouting outpost deep in the dangerous lands infested by Orcs and unnatural beasts alike.

The town is safe, and blossoming. We seek out another bastion of these accursed creatures in an effort to further stabilize the region for your expansion. In light of our excellent progress I wish to petition to see my family again, to be ensured of their safety and well being.

We approach a lone tree on the path. Perhaps we can finally rest a while from this blessed heat. Its shady leaves will surely offer comfort.

Your most humble servant,


Traversing the rugged borderlands a small Kobold makes its way towards the bustling city. As night falls he spies a work camp where slaves and indentured servants are put to work for the great Lord’s pleasure keeping his great estate fit for a King.

As the moon slides out from behind a cloud a faint silvery reflection crosses his skin. He creeps ever so slowly, coming up just across the narrow courtyard from a a woman huddled over with her daughter.

They share a meager meal together, unaware of the Kobold moving closer. The short creature flicks its tail, squinting and studying them carefully. A look of success crosses the draconish features of the Kobold. He moves closer, silently reaching into his leather jacket…

The Unnaturals Reside Here
A Formal Petition to Her Grace, The Chambers of Secrets Past

The Chronicles of the East fascinate. Their tales speak of wanderers, vagrants, and hopefuls. What a sight to behold – some cleave as the mighty Jubal, some tear the skies with graces of archery, some even conjure creatures of fable, terrifying guardians of the lore.

There are unnaturals here, severed endings and the cold chill of stagnation. These heroes I walk with, they have mighty wills, able to destroy these creatures with great ease. Heroes indeed, however I fear that the void continues on.

I appeal to your counsel, grant me an investiture. The mysteries here need telling; jewels of the Abjurer and Conjurer line the walls of these ancient ruins. Let the tales of the fey echo in the East and drown out the silence of undeath.

A Dutiful Servant, Sybaris

A time to wake.

Ofkrysantemiselni opened her eyes. The flow of magic had changed. Positively for once.
It did not take long to determine that her promising descendant had gone west. Promising indeed.
Taking her travel pack, she started west. She wanted to observe the events to follow.

Undead Understanding

“Hey Bob, you gonna pass the nits or just stare at them all day”

Bob was having one of those days. Ever since he dragged his aching bones off the floor he’d felt like his brain was half there. Thankfully before lunch someone had found the other half for him so he was doing a bit better, but the pieces never went back together quite the same way.

“Nits? You always hog the nits Jerry. Why don’t you eat your greens like the good Priest tells you too” replied Bob

“I’ve had enough mold and slime to last a lifetime. Come on Bob, just slide ’em down here already”.

Bob reached for the Nits when he paused, certain he’d heard a loud clanking noise “Did you hear that?”

Jerry, frustrated at the delay grabbed for the Nits, sending the bowl scattering across the floor.

“Oh, that was genius” Bob quipped at Jerry, not noticing the large group of shiny, loud, chanting people across the room. “What’re we going to eat now?”

“Brains” Jerry replied, somewhat dully, pointing at the new dinner menu.

“Alright, fresh meat in a can!” yelled their buddy Horus as he leapt to his one good leg. Then, all of a sudden, a woosh of air went by them and crashing to the ground behind them a giant four legged, winged beast started tearing at poor little Susie.

“Don’t let them get to the Priest” yelled Bob. His cries were stiffled as a man with a large blunt weapon came swinging around table, knocking first Bob, then Jerry down like dominoes.

The rucus continued on for a while longer, as what left of their souls slipped away. All that was left was a bowl with one last nit, struggling to get out.

Bone crunching goodness.
Bone crunching goodness. 16 April 2012 Game

Dear Adella,
Well jumping into the pool of oozes sustaining acid was not the best of ideas. I woke up with the worse rash. Had to run down to the stream and really scrub myself raw.
I got back to find that the rest of the team went ahead and started scouting some more. They ran into some bugs and a mimic. Which explains the amorphous blob that scuttled by me as I came into the temple.

I was in time to check out the temple’s dining room. Full of undead. Which fortunately did not have the sense to run away. They were barely worth drawing weapons to defeat.

We continued exploring. We found what could only be the main temple. Full of undead, of course. A couple of the undead were divine spellcasters, like it really made a difference. After Jin did a flying leap to attack the main undead priest and I attacked the handful of skeletons with a hammer, the resistance did not last that long. The room also has more oozes. We turned our efforts to planning on the best way to deal with them. Staying high off the ground and using fire seems to be the best way. Along with judicial spell use.

The good news is that Luke and Face report that more magic seems to be flowing after we cleared out the temple. There is an interesting painting that we found. Looks like five points surrounding a castle. We are theorizing that what is happening at these temples is restricting the flow of magic on the continent.

We will see.


Dear Euadne

Dear Euadne,

I hope this letter arrives in a timely
I encountered a creature of myth. A wall, animated! Surely keep this out of the hands of the Pixies; there’s no telling what they’ll do to the groves if they got a hold of them
Today we found lots of beetles. I thought the orc had unleashed an Unseelie plague, but it proved to be
I hate bugs

Sister, today I think fate fell upon me. It frightens me that such things happen, these out-of-order events. And to think no one bats an eye – it is as if humans live their lives under the whims of this creature, and none are bright enough to ever question it. A world of segues and diversions with no purpose…

I do admit I am somewhat curious as to how it all works. The barbarian today revealed that he was a morphic creature. The rest of that day, I obsessed over that… as if it were more than a mere coincidence. And of course, that’s when I realized the invisible hand.

It’s dangerous around here, but please don’t worry about me – whatever you do, don’t fret and send Martine to pick me up like last time. It’s plenty exciting out in the East and I’d rather not go through the process of losing track of my sword again.



The Beetles Greatest Hits and the Bum Leg Table

chkti chkti

At last. Someone comes to open our prison, to release my brothers.

The large shelled one looks to be our savior.

Yes! He is removing the rags impeding our escape. Even though he is alien to us, he comes showing respect, pretending to have a hard outer shell like my fellow beetlings.

Quickly brothers, we must flee.

NO! It seems our savior has been outwitted, his allies wish to burn us when he must only want to illuminate the way.

The putrid one now runs, maybe now my brothers can flee. Run, run brothers, as fast as your little legs can carry you.

No! Flame envelops us yet again. We must hide in the room again and await a time when our savior can return, unbetrayed by his allies.

Quickly run back, run back!


Face Smasha lifts his metal boot off the floor, after a moment of staring at the smear on the bottom of his soul he wipes it off and checks the bugs for texture.

“Look, I’m tired of being the wall, I said I’M the table”

Looking depressed Bobby “The Chair” Mulligan sighed and transformed into a wall.

“Fine, but next time we have guests for dinner I get the leg bone, and that’s that”

Transforming into a table and wall respectively the two mimics waited patiently as the loud clangs approached.

“Dang, these guys are slow AND loud, how long do I have to wait for a meal” complained the first mimic.

The the door burst open and a large smelly Orc came rushing in, oblivous to the impending danger. Small wagers were exchanged in the backdrop as he walked right up to the wall, sniffed it, then turned around to proclaim “All Shafe!”.

At that exact moment the wall reached out and enveloped him. He almost disappeared into the soft goeey wall. The table chucked thinking HAH, and he gets stuck eating the smelly Orc too, that’ll teach him to want first dibs. Then all of a sudden someone was on top of the table, and he couldn’t move. His bum [table] leg just wouldn’t move, and the big heavy thing on top of him kept him from transforming.

He watched in horror as his life long pal was chopped to bits. And all just for trying to eat an Orc. That’s it. I’m leaving this castle as soon as they’re gone thought the table, and soon enough they departed the room, he started to limp, a three legged table, out of the castle.

A Quick Jot (Jin Adventure Log # 2)

I wonder what everyone would think of me if they knew I kept a diary? No matter, they’ll never find out.

The others finally found out about what I really am today. They seemed to take it in good humor for the most part, although they were understandably shocked. I made it clear to them that I had only deceived them because people tended to react badly to knowing that I was a changeling. Just as I was searching for a way to let them know I meant no harm, Asher pointed out that if I meant ill I could’ve killed them all any time I was alone on watch — so I must not mean them ill! I was glad for his wisdom. I explained that I had always identified myself as human despite what I really am. The matter was dropped after that, much to my relief.

This brings to mind a growing problem — the fact tha it will become increasingly hard to hide my true nature from others as my control over my shapeshifting abilities increases. The changes will become more physically pronounced and thus more obvious. Maybe I should by a hooded cloak to shade my features like those dark wandering travelers use. Wouldn’t such a thing make me MORE suspicious, not less? What I need is a good excuse … hmmmm. I know! I’ll say that I’m sick, and that the sickness is some sort of rare magical ailment that is slowly transforming me in strange and arcane ways….

Anyhow, aside from that we’ve made some serious progress investigating this castle! We fought some sort of evil undead creatures when we went back in that cast some sort of horrible poisonous gas at us but with my sword, Luke’s mental powers, and Face Smasha’s spells (not to mention some timely arrows from Pip and Sibarys) we took them down easily enough. We also came upon an old kitchen which had, among other things,a door with rags stuffed all around it such that it was totally blocked off. In my infinite wisdom I suggested we remove one of the rags (you know, I just haaaaaaad to know what was being blocked off) and what should pop out but a swarm of fire beetles! They were horrible. We killed one swarm, then another came, and another! We quickly stoppered up the door and slaughtered the bugs with torches I passed out. A search of the room yielded an amazingly valuable pot of infinite food! The thing literally just keeps popping out tasty stew, every time you stir it! It’s got to be the best magical item ever! Sibarys said it was worth at least 12000 gold though, so we may very well choose to sell it. Asher immediately coveted it but can any one of us really lay claim to such a treasure?

Lastly we came upon a strange library with a talking wardrobe against the back wall! It was some sort of dubious trick! I seem to recall hearing of such things referred to as Mimics. In any case, this thing wasn’t a real wardrobe and as soon as Face Smasha got close, it attacked, grabbed, and almost killed him in a few seconds. I moved into position and slashed it and then the others quickly overwhelmed it with ease, but whew — things almost got bad there! We should be more careful as we explore further. Incidentally, I fully support the continued presence of Face Smasha in the front ranks. It seems to be where he’s best suited and if anything should go wrong Luke has told me he could have another orc here in a matter of days. Better him than me, says I! He’s the perfect point man!

That’s all for now!


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