House Rules

  • The One Unbendable Rule

    • Character sheets must be in by 10pm Friday to be played in the next Monday’s game. If not, player must play last submitted sheet or Fluffy The Kobold Bard. (No exceptions.)
  • Character Creation

    • Important! Using the Pathfinder skills rules. Please read the link, but the basics of the differences are:
      • The list is slightly different; use the Pathfinder chart to determine if something is a class skill or not. (Or ask if you are using a non-SRD class and it’s not obvious.)
      • Calculating skills/level has changed. Basics: You get your normal number of skill points per level (NO x4 at L1, but Humans do still get their extra point/level). You may put these into any skill. You get an automatic +3 to any class skill you have put at least one skill point into.
      • Your max ranks = your HD.
    • Starting Level: 3 (2700 gp)
    • 28-point buy
    • HP: Max at 1st, average thereafter
    • Any class, race, skill, or feat from the standard (not setting) 3.5 books; others upon review
    • Note: Spellcasting characters may find some temporary difficulties leveling up after L6; eventually they will catch up.
  • Items

    • Start with 2700gp + 1 scroll or potion of 50 gp or less (a gift from your benefactor)
    • Items from non-SRD books require review
    • No magical items that require higher than CL6 to make
  • Character Death

Alas, death is the ultimate end for most adventurers. Here’s what to do if it happens to you.

  • Roll a new character with the same xp as your current character (no level loss) and standard WBL for that level
  • All of your current equipment will be sent to your heirs as consolation for their loss
  • Your current share of undivided loot will be paid as a hiring bonus to the next character to join the party (coincidentally played by you)
  • You can jump back in as soon as you have a character ready (yes, immediately if you have a backup ready or want to play an NPC). Yes, this is a little ridiculous if you want to look at it from a realism-based perspective, but if you look at it from a “not missing an entire session” perspective, I think it’s perfectly reasonable. “Hello, fellow traveler, you look trustworthy!” works for me, but more involved character introduction is also cool (feel free to retcon it on the forums or wiki).
  • Yes, you get another bonus for writing a background for your new character.
  • Bonuses

    • During the Game:
      • Bringing snacks
      • Bringing minis (bringing lots is encouraged, but the bonuses for this are capped at 3/week)
      • Bringing other game aids (if used) – e.g. battlemats, area templates, props, etc.
    • Between Games:
      • Updating the wiki (per page)
      • Updating the adventure log (per week)
      • Creating a character background (once per character)
      • Statting out NPCs (stat block format; bonus per approved block)
      • Writing a eulogy for a deceased character (can’t take this one if you are the one who killed them)

All bonuses are paid based on the character level at which they are cashed in, not the level at which they were earned.

Bonus Value Example
XP 1/12 of the amount needed to reach the next level To go from L3 to L4 requires 3000 XP; a bonus cashed in at L3 will be worth 250 XP
Cash Gold equal to 1/4 of an average encounter’s treasure for your level At L3, an average encounter is worth 900 gp; a bonus cashed in at L3 will be worth 225 gp
Craft Points Craft Points equal to your current level x10 A bonus cashed in at L3 will be worth 30 craft points
Loot The ability to design a treasure that will be found in an encounter the next session after DM approval. This treasure may (but does not need to) be magical, must follow the normal item crafting rules for valuation, and its value may be paid in a combination of bonus points and cash, as long as at least 50% of the value is paid in bonus points. Each point is valued in the same way as the Cash option. (The advantages of this option are the immediate use of the item and the ability to find items that may break the current caster level cap on magic items.) At L3, an average encounter is worth 900 gp; a bonus cashed in at L3 will be worth 225 gp towards the total value of the treasure.
Bonus Dice One bonus point will be worth three tokens; each token may be used during the game to add a an extra die (or dice) to any roll. Must be declared before rolling. L1-5: d10; L6-10: 2d8; L11-15: 4d6; L16-20: 2d20 A bonus cashed in at L3 will be worth 3 tokens, each of which will allow the player to add a d10 to any roll.
  • Other

    • Psionic/Magic transparency
    • May use the craft points variation, with one adjustment – adding extra hoops for crafting mundane items is silly; replace any use of the “Craft Alchemical”/“Craft Masterwork X” feats with “5 Ranks in Craft: X” Ignore this whole system if you don’t want to be bothered.
    • No item familiars
    • Fractional saves/BAB
    • Toughness is a stupid feat. If you take it, gain 1HP/level.

House Rules

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