The settled area of Stormshore is overwhelmingly human. There are only two elven settlements of any size. A few small nomadic halfling tribes travel the entire eastern area, trading goods from one kingdom to another. The dwarfs generally hold their kingdom to be separate from that of the humans, although the human rulers tend to disagree on this point. The dwarf population is so low and the human military resources already so taxed that they each live in an uneasy peace, trying to ignore the territorial claims of the other. Other intelligent races are represented at such low numbers that discrimination against them doesn’t even register; when they are seen by humans (rarely) they are treated as curiosities.

Gameplay note: this does not preclude nonhuman characters, including those who are attempting to establish their own claims to the western lands in defiance of the king; it just means that they need to be good at obscuring their motives. Nonhumans are possibly more likely to be adventurers, as legitimate opportunities in their home lands are rare.

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Within Northbeech lie the Grey Elf communities, walled off by ancient wards and obscured by arcane rituals of eras long forgotten. As seclusive creatures, even to their elven kin, they jealously keep their secrets to themselves, pontificating about the mortal condition, stuck in their everlasting justifications. With the end of the Olyffe Tradition, they have cut off ties once more, returning to their absolute isolation.

Kobolds. Regarded as mere annoyances by the common adventurer, they have become sudden allies with the human community of Westedge. Many of their kind wear pendants of some sort and are understood as “good luck charms” of cultural value. While they lived oppressed lives under the orcs, they have been freed upon human presence in the area.


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